Austin - Calisthenics Gym - Clark Field

Address Clark Field, Jester Circle, The Drag, Austin, Travis County, Texas, 78712, United States of America
Pull Up Bar / Chin Up Bar Low Bars / Push Up Bars Abs Bench

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Calisthenics Park on the edge of soccer field and running track. Lit at night, parking available in the Brazos Garage.

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Mike Davies says 8 months before

I really like this workout spot. The people are very friendly. There is only one pullup bar, but there are monkey bars as well. There is one set of dip bars, 5 horizontal bars of different heights (from knee to waist height), a bench with bars to train planche or L-sit, and four benches with handles for situps (2 inclined and 2 horizontal). There is also a station for wide grip pullups, dips, or leg raises.