Winston-Salem - Calisthenics Park - Sherwood Forest Road

Address Sherwood Forest Road, Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, North Carolina, 27104, United States of America
Pull Up Bars Monkey Bars Push Up Bars
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Sherwood Parcourse, AKA Silas Creek Parcouse. Park your car on Silas Creek Parkway at the entrance just south of Kirklees Rd. You can also walk into the park from Kirklees Rd. There is not an exact address, but the ParCourse is on the opposite side of Silas Creek Parkway from Schaffner Park, which has the address: 900 Yorkshire Road Winston-Salem NC 27106

The Parcouse is a gravel waling path, about 1/2 mile oval. Along the path there is a set of 3 great pull up bars, of different heights. The hand grip dimensions are perfect, and the texture is great. The tallest pullup bar is tall enough for a person about 5'10" to fully hang.

There are no dip bars, but on the opposite side of the creek, there are monkey bars which you can climb and use as dips bars, as you can see in the pic. It's about a 1/4 mile walk from the pull up bars to the monkey bars, since none of the equipment is placed near each other, you have to walk up the gravel path and over a bridge to the monkey bars (or jump across the creek! But it's quite a far jump!)

There are also a set of low parallettes, that could be used for pushup bars too.

There's other stretching and stationery equipment, but the pullup bars, monkey bars, and parallettes, are the only true calisthenics reps equipment.

There is ample parking, and 2 port-o-potties, which toilet paper and hand sanitizer! Pretty clean!

No water fountain, so bring water!

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