Arcadia - Outdoor Exercise Corner - Arcadia Park

Address Outside Gym, Santa Anita Avenue, Arcadia, Los Angeles County, California, 91024, United States of America
Pull Up Bars Parallel Bar Push Up Bars
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North east corner of the park. Dip bars. Pull up bars stair climber. Squat press. Bench. Monkey bars. Balance beam

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Justin Wong says 11 months before

This is my favorite calisthenics park. 5/5 rating.
Equipment: There is everything. There are pull-up bars, parallel dip bars, straight dip bars, balance beams, monkey bars.
The bars are all of very high quality, perfect diameter and material.
Location: Conveniently located in the corner of the park and right by the parking lot. There are lots of tree that provide decent amount of shade.
Community: Never too crowded, but not empty either, especially right after work. On weekends, there can be more kids which can be annoying.