Chicago - Outdoor Fitness Station - Marquette Park and Fishing Spot

Address Mann Drive, Chicago Lawn, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, 60636, United States of America
Pull Up Bars Parallel Bar
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Summary of editorial

3 pull up bars
* the bars are a little skinny but no bar about 1.1" diameter, standard size is 1.25"

2 dip bars
* the higher dip bars are the standard ideal width (2ft), but they are high so you kinda have to do a little musclup to get up there which makes a difference if you're going for a personal record on dips on a timer.
* the short dip bars are about 3 inches narrower

there is a clean bathroom and water fountain and vending machine in the recreation building across Kedzie, which is open 6am -11pm EVERY DAY! Yes 7 days a week. So this is GREAT!

It's not lit so get there in daylight.

the ground at the bars is gravel surrounded by grass that can get high, so it's not great for pushup, but you can get it done. recommend bringing a mat or towel.

there is no shade of the bars so on hot summer days the bars get super hot to the touch.

there is a track right there for running and you can maybe do you ground work -- pushups, core, etc there instead of in the grass which gets itchy.

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