Chicago - Calisthenics Park - Lincoln Park


Address Diversey & Lake Shore Dr, North Lake Shore Drive West, Mid-North District, Near North Side, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, 60614, United States of America
Pull Up Bar / Chin Up Bar Parallel Bar / P-Bar Abs Bench

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Summary of editorial

Chicago fitness trail at Lincoln Park. Few fintess stations next to a runningpath (Diversey Parkway). Pull up bars (high bars), parallel bars, rings, ab benches and low bars for push ups. A outdoor gym which is made for street workout, calisthenics, outdoor fitness, bootcamp training, parkour and bodyweight exercisies.

adress: 248 W Diversey Pkwy
Chicago, IL 60657

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Calisthenics Parks Team says 1 year before

Hi Jonathan,
did i understand right. They were dismantled? Or are they just not on the map?

Jonathan Maxwell says 1 year before

Anybody know a contact at the Chicago Park District to get an Answer ? Major Loss for those of us who have loved & used them for years !!

Jonathan Maxwell says 1 year before

Why are the Par course Circuit Training Stations Missing from Lincoln Park North of Diversey Ave ? These stations are utilized on a daily basis by Many-Many-Many Park goers and Amateur athletes. What's the story ?