Get started with calisthenics workout

Get started with calisthenics workout

Get started with calisthenics workout

Starting with calisthenics is possible from every fitness level and in any age.
The following hints will help you to get successfully started with your bodyweight fitness workout.
The four most important basic exercises

These basic exercises are the basement of a succesful calisthenics routine and trainng plan.

- Pullups / Chinups
- Push ups
- Dips
- Squats

These fundamental exercises train the whole body and prepare you for advanced movements like muscle ups, front lever or human flag.
Depending on the level the intensity can be increase by doing more reps, slow execution or including hold sequences.

Find local athlets or training groups
In almost every city or town there are some ahtlets or groups training bodyweight fitness trainings. You can easily find them via internet and facebook.
Training together makes it more easy to learn new skills and give you more motivation in daily workouts. You will also find some friends with same attitude.

Getting connected to the local scene is very easy on calisthenics events like competitions, battles, workshops or open workout sessions. Especially workshops are optimal activities to find a trainings partner in same fitness-level.

Find workout spots next to you
Use our mobile App or website to find the next training-location next to you.

Find a good training spots by these basic criteria:

- There should be a high enough pull up bar
- Ideal would be a optional parallel bar or handles for dips
- The atmosphere of the spot should match your personal preferences
- The location should be easy accesible to integrate workouts in your everyday life

If there are no good locations around you, there are solutions like mobile pull up bar to train at home.

Get the right additional equiment

Depending on your workout routines different additional exercise equipments are recommend or needed to do your training more effiency.

Some proven equipment used by many ahtlets:

- Mobile Pull up bar for home training
- Gymnastic rings for flexible training options
- Chalk for grip on every bar
- Paralettes for handstand training
- Resistance bands for stretching, mobility and support for new exercises

Recovery, mobility and strechting
Most movements in bodyweight fitness are functional motions of many muscles and parts for the body. In every workout muscle groups like the shoulder girdle are stressed very much. To prevent injuries you need much more than just strong muscles.

for resistable joints, sinews and ligaments mobility sessions and stretching will help a lot. Exercises like the bridge will bring a great benefit in fitness training at all.

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