Liability and legal framework for Calisthenics Parks

Liability and legal framework for Calisthenics Parks

Framework for a Calisthenics Park
Many Calisthenics Parks are currently under construction on a public land. Therefore, the issue of liability and the legal framework is an issue that everyone should consider when planning a park in their own city.

When planning a Calisthenics Park, various regulations regarding height, fall protection and safety distances must be observed. For example, it would be grossly negligent to build such a plant on a concrete surface without falling-braking elements such as gravel or mulch. These conditions are laymen but mostly completely unknown, so it is always advisable to consult a consultant.

Construction by specialized companies
Companies that have been working in the field of playground construction or similar projects for a long time also have great experience in planning for Calisthenics Parks. Basically, playground equipment in terms of safety does not differ much from sports equipment in public.

If you are planning the construction by a specialized company since you are on the safe side, because the liability is essentially borne by the one who built this facility.

The manufacturers usually build such systems at least according to the international standard DIN 79000 (permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment) at best even according to EN 1176-1: 2008 (Playground Equipment).

In addition, many cities and municipalities wish to have their TÜV inspected by the specialist companies. Under certain circumstances, these costs may be included in the calculation for the parking costs.

Self-construction of a Calisthenics Park
With home-building caution is required. The one who installed the park on site primarily bears the liability for the built-up devices. You should be well informed about all important conditions and basics. We also recommend that you deal with the two standards mentioned above. (DIN 79000 / EN 1176-1: 2008).

There are examples in Germany where parks have emerged from such an initiative. It should be noted, however, that the examples of skilled workers known to us have been created in their free time, e.g. from a full-time metal worker.

In addition, a safety inspection was carried out before release for safety systems known to us. This process resulted in a time-consuming delay. Background is the decrease of an individual solution. In return, specialist manufacturers can have their basic equipment certified once, so that only the assembly on site must be checked. This is absolutely to be considered in the timing.

our recommendation
If you are not the absolute metalworking expert and have already been involved in projects in public space, we recommend that you engage specialized companies in the planning and construction of the park.

Most companies create models of your parks according to your ideas and then implement them according to the applicable framework conditions.

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