CALI GAMES 2019 - Calisthenics competition (Urban Fit Days Berlin)

CALI GAMES 2019 - Calisthenics competition (Urban Fit Days Berlin)


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The CALI GAMES 2019 - Berlin 2019 - Calisthenics Event Germany are comming! Will you be part of it?

We are hyped and can't wait: on September 14th Top Calisthenics and Street Liftting athletes from all over the world will test their strength in our battle.

Where? In SEZ, location close to Velodrom.

What? You can prove your strength in the following catagories:
10-13 Uhr 1vs1 Strength Battles (STRICT FORM ONLY)
1. 10x Bar Muscle Ups (bodyweight)
2. 15x Pull-Ups (+32 kg)
3. 20x Dips (+48 kg)
4. 30x Goblet Squats (+32 kg)
5. 60 sec Grip Strength (surprise)
Two competitors starting at the same time. That athlete who finishes first win the battle. The respective battle requirements will be communicated soon.
Athletes registration:

14-17 Uhr 1vs1 Freestyle Battles
Athletes registration:

On Sunday:
Sets & Reps Competition
Workshops und Workouts with the best Calisthenics Athletes from Europe

The Team of Barliner Workout, the organizers of this years Cali Games, also thought about the spectators. You also want to be active during the competition or want to learn something about Calisthenics? Don't worry. There will be workshops, shows and public challenges. Join in, show your skills and win great prizes.

Together with all of you we hope to make the CALI GAMES 2019 a wonderful event. Be Part of it.

P.S.: The URBAN FIT DAYS 2018 // Berlin & WOD UP, Berlin? #4 takes also place during this weekend in the same location. So you get two events for the price of one! ? Are you in?


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