Muscle Ups

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This exercise ist a challenging exercise for every calisthenics athlets. Learning the perfects muscle ups takes time and constant training. Mastering muscle ups needs explosive power in combination with muscle coordination. The movement consists of a high pull up in combination with a straight bar dip. Start by pull up your body as high as as possible (at least breast above the bar), switch your hands and push up to straight bar dip movement. After reaching top position go back to starting position in a controlled movement and repeat.

3 phases of muscle up:
1. High pull up
2. Transition to dip
3. Push with straigth bar dip

++ Equipment needed ++
Pull up bar, gymnastic rings

++ Correct form ++
1. Grip the bar in in deadhang position and get your shoulders to a external rotated position
2. Pullup with maximum of explosive power at least with the bar below the breast
3. Rotate your wrist along the bar and press the body in straight bar dip position
4. Get back in deadhang position in controlled movement

++ frequently mistakes ++
1. Pullup height is too low
2. Problems on transition to straight bar dip
3. The body is too close to the pullup bar
4. The correct form will be broken to get somehow in final position

++ Progressions ++
1. Explosive pullups
2. Negative muscle ups (get up with muscle over movement)
3. Jumping muscle ups
4. Muscle ups with supported kip from lower body
5. False grip hold / ring muscle ups

++ Successive exercises ++
- Chinups grip muscle ups
- Cross grip muscle ups
- Shotgun muscle ups

++ used in ++
- Calisthencis
- Freeletics
- Gymnastics
- Crossfit
- Bodyweight Fitness

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