Push Ups

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Push Ups are one of the well known classics in bodyweight fitness training. Many athlets use this exercise to strengthen the upper body muscles. If you do them right, this basic exercise has a big potential for getting strong and lean. While doing this movement the body will be pushed from the ground in a horizontal movement while the back and legs are in a straigth line.

++ Correct Execution ++

- For maximum effect use the “FROM” -> full range of motion. That means to go up till your shoulder is unlocked and go down till you reach the ground
- Keep your whole body under tension the all the way of the movement. Don´t get into hollow back position, tip up your pelvis, press your scapula down, tense your bottom and kepp your neck in neutral position.
- The biceps should face forward. This allows you to go down with straight ellbow movement in the natural range of motion of the joint.
- The forearms should be vertical to your wrist.

++ Where to train? ++

Push up don´t need any special equipment or location. You can do the push ups at home or at your favourite training park. For beginners there are some lower horizontal bars mostly called “push up bars” at many outdoor exercise station worldwide.

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