San Diego - Outdoor Pull Up Bars - Torry Highlands Park

Address Del Mar Heights Road, San Diego, California 92130, United States
Pull Up Bars
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Street workout spot in San Diego at Torry Highlands Park. This training ground includes many pull up bar in a compact rack. This spot is perfect for pull workouts in calisthenics and street workout. Also very good to train parkour and swing around in the bars.

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Justin Wong says 8 months before

Equipment: It's a big workout area, but personally, most of the equipment is more for obstacle running i.e logs.
In terms of bars, there are only pull-up bars.

The pull-up bars were of decent quality.

Location: It's a 5 min walk from the high school parking to the workout area. There are a few stairs along the way.
Kind of hard to find the area on your first time. It's located around these coordinates: 32.957410, -117.224068

One thing that has bitten me in the ass is the fact there aren't any bathrooms except for some porta-pottys in a football field far away.