Berlin - Parkour Park Spot - Prenzlauer Berg


Address Kollwitzstraße 8, 10405 Berlin, Germany
Pull Up Bars Push Up Bars
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Berlin parkour park in Germany. In germanys capital Berlin at the youth club " Sport Jugend Club Prenzlauer Berg" you find another parkour park. Parkourone was involved with building this parkour park. Its not a calisthenics park or street workout park but still has a few low bars and pull up bars. Few concrete obstacles are perfect for freerunner and parkour guys. Unfortunatly the highest bars are just 1,75 m and arent really made in the first place for muscle ups or pull ups. They are more for swings and jumps. Not really made for calisthenics, street workout, outdoor fitness, freeletics nd bodyweight exercises still a great place for parkour training/workout.

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