Oldenburg - Outdoor Gym - Hundsmühler Höhe

Address Tegelkamp 32, 26131 Oldenburg, Germany
Pull Up Bars Abs Benches Dip Handles
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Oldenburg outdoor gym. Located in the south of the city center you find a trim trail which can be used for workout training. The outdoor calisthenics gym has pull up bars with different heights, dip possibilities, incline benches and other outdoor fitness equipment. A workout place for strength training, calisthenics, street workout, freeletics, parkour workout, bootcamp training and bodyweight exercises of all kind. The spot is surrounded by trees and paths for walking and running.

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Ola F says 4 months before

Hey, meanwhile there are some monkeybars and with them also high pullup bars. Also they added a space with padded ground for excercising. I would say it needs a better rating than one star.

Calisthenics Parks Team says 4 years before

Yes thats the reason why it´s rated with one star. It´s an emergency spot, because there isn´t much better around. But great you write about it, because maybe the local government see this and maybe act by building a better outdoor fitness park.

Gedusu says 4 years before

Hi, very cool that you have found this post. I checked this spot and already did some workouts there. I'd say it's not bad for regular exercises but there are some things missing like you already said, higher pull up bars or a good possibility for dips (even though you still can do some dips there). Nevertheless, I like to train there because of the atmosphere and I don't think that there is a better spot in Oldenburg.

Calisthenics Parks Team says 4 years before

Hi Gedusu,

yes we discovered this one a while ago.

Hope it will work for you, because there are no really high pull up bars. It would be cool if you leave a feedback, when you checked the spot.


Calisthenics Parks Team

Gedusu says 4 years before

Thanks for sharing this. Searched for a calisthenics park a long time in Oldenburg. Will check this spot out asap.