Montpellier - Outdoor Gym- University UFR STAPS


Address 700 Avenue du Pic Saint-Loup, 34090 Montpellier, France
Pull Up Bars Monkey Bars Wall Bars
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Montpellier outdoor gym at the university UFR STAPS. Inbetween a rugby and a baseball field you find a calisthenics park for street workout training. The outdoor calisthenics gym has high bars, pull up bars, swedish wall bars and monkeybar. Unfortunatly the bars are on a very low level and arent perfect for a decent workout. Still a location for an emergency workout. Made for freeletics, calisthencis, parkour, street workout, bootcamp workout and bodyweight exercises of all kinds.

Mironski (2018): I found a "secret" way to reach the bars 24/7. There is a pedestrian path starting at the parking of Palais universitaire des sports Veyrassi.

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Chihab says 2 years before

Heeu pas du tout en effet cela fait partie de l'enceinte de l'université mais on a le droit d'y aller n'importe quand par exemple j'y suis allé ajd entre 10h30 et 11h30 et y avait des gens en plus donc méprenez vous il n'y a pas d'horraire

Mironski says 5 years before

I found a "secret" way to reach the bars 24/7. There is a pedestrian path starting at the parking of Palais universitaire des sports Veyrassi.

Calisthenics Parks Team says 6 years before

Thanks for the info . We marked this spots as restricted.

Mironski says 6 years before

Please note that the access to the campus (and the bars) is restricted:
--> Week days 7:30am — 8:30pm
--> Saturday 7:30am — 12:30am
--> Sunday & public holidays - Closed

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