Philadelphia - Pennsylvania - Calisthenics Exercise Stations - Rose Playground

Address 1315 North 75th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19151, United States
Pull Up Bars Parallel Bar Monkey Bars Push Up Bars
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Summary of editorial

Great park. Even though the pull Up bar is low, you can do everything you need to. I am 5'8" and can't hang with my feet extended on the pullup bar. So I used the monkey bars instead to do muscleups and pullups. On the monkey bar I could do muscleups without my feet hitting the ground. but barely. someone 5'10" or taller will need to bend their knees.

Dip bars are great. Good to do all the dips ya need.

While this park isnt the greatest compared to other cities around the world, I do think it may be the best in Philadelphia, but it definitely is a great park for someone stopping through the city.

There's gravel running track around the park so jog before/after your workout.

NO bathrooms, but lots of trees. ahah bring toilet paper just in case!

If you're coming from Center City, best to bike. Only 15-20 bike ride from Penn/Drexel campus. It's an easy straight shot.

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