Belebey - Calisthenics Park

Address Belebey, Belebeyevsky District, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia
Pull Up Bars Parallel Bar Monkey Bars Wall Bars Push Up Bars
Calisthenics Outdoor Fitness Bodyweight Exercises (BWE) / Bodyweight Fitness Sling Trainer Workouts Ninja Warrior Poledancing Functional Training Parkour Bootcamp Workout Personal Fitness Training Martial Arts Climbing

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Belebey Calisthenis Park in Russia. Inbetween housing blocks you have a outdoor gym with high bars for muscle ups and pull ups, as well as a few sets of parallel bars. For climbing the park offers monkey bars, for human flag swedish wall bars, low bars for push up workout and pull up bars. Made for outdoor fitness athletes which like to train calisthenics workout, street workout, freeletics (gym), bodyweight workout, ninja warrior workout, bootcamp workout and bodyweight training. Workout spot to use your fitness app.

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George "Pushkin" Pakhomov says 3 years before

Отличная площадка! Приятные на хват грифы, мягкое резиновое покрытие! Всем #Воркаут