London - Exercise Park - Holland Park


Address 27 Ilchester Place, Holland, London, W14 8NH, United Kingdom
Parallel Bar Monkey Bars Push Up Bars Abs Benches
Calisthenics Outdoor Fitness Bodyweight Exercises (BWE) / Bodyweight Fitness Sling Trainer Workouts Ninja Warrior Poledancing Functional Training Parkour Bootcamp Workout Obstacle Races Personal Fitness Training Martial Arts Climbing

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London exercise park at Holland Park. The Park which is located in west London, has not only got tennis courts, cricket areas and heaps of walking pathways, it also has a outdoor gym for bodyweight training. The gym offers a set of parallel bars, low bars, incline benches for core training and a monkeybar but unfortunatly the place misses so decent pull up bars. Still a good loction for freeletics (gym), parkour strength workout, bootcamp workout, ninja warrior workout and outdoor fitness sports in general.

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TimHun says 2 years before

So many things but it's all useless. Doesn'teven have a proper bar, deeps are bad as well

Pan Dora says 2 years before

Missing a P-bar and the Monkey bar isn't straight so is a bit annoying to me, but is quite complete and possible to do nice work outs. Sometimes get full of children, but is ok, I recommend.