London - Street Workout Park - Kennington Park

Address Men's and Women's Toilets, St. Agnes Place, Kennington, London Borough of Lambeth, London, Greater London, England, SE11 4AS, United Kingdom
Pull Up Bar / Chin Up Bar Parallel Bar / P-Bar Monkey Bar / Horizontal Ladder Abs Bench

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The best outdoor pull up bars in London at Kennington park. The Outdoor gym has ab benches, high bars for muscle ups, two sets of parallel bars, outdoor pull up bars and a monkeyladder. Here is the place where the London Calisthenics and Street Workout scene meet up for training. Perfect for calisthenics, street workout, bodyweight workout, parkour strength workout, ninja warrior workout and bodyweight exercises. In april 2015 the calisthenics park got refurbished. And is now stocked with Kenguru.PRO equipment.

nearby adress: Conant House, St Agnes Pl, London SE11 4AY

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Ahuv Ish says 4 days before

Seriously the best equipped calisthenics spots I know in London. Friendly community scene there amongst exercisers