Budapest - Outdoor Gym - Pokorny

Address Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
Pull Up Bars Dip Handles
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Parking spots available right next to the park, which is pretty well equipped for basic exercise equipment: numerous pull-up bars/row bars at different height levels, at least one for all bar exercise types, rings, two dip bars, a box sack, a rope etc. There is a running track(~250m long) available too and for other exercise/leisure opportunities two smaller football pitches and three ping-pong tables. You can also use the toilets next to the park which are always open, except during winter months.

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Calisthenics Parks Team says 3 years before

HI Katalin,

you are right. I think we don´t rated the rack in the background. We updated the rating.

Katalin says 3 years before

Gyerekek, ki írta ezt a parkot 2 csillagosnak? Egy az egyben ugyanaz a felszerelés van, mint a a pasaréti játszótéren, ami 4 csillagos.