Address 65 Avenue Pierre Mendès France, 13008 Marseille, France
Pull Up Bars Parallel Bar Monkey Bars Wall Bars Push Up Bars Abs Benches
Calisthenics Outdoor Fitness Bodyweight Exercises (BWE) / Bodyweight Fitness Sling Trainer Workouts Ninja Warrior Poledancing Functional Training Parkour Bootcamp Workout Obstacle Races Personal Fitness Training

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Simple Calisthenics Park in Marseille just next to the beach. Located at the Plage de David you find bars whcih can be used for outdoor fitness workout. The street workout park has 2 pull up bars, high bars, parallel bars and a sit up bench (ab trainer). The outdoor calisthenics gym is designed by the finnish company named Lappset. These outdoor fitness equipment make this outdoor gym perfect for calisthenics, street workout, parkour workout, freeletics, bootcamp workout and bodyweight training.

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1 Comment

Zweilli says 2 years before

It says in the description that there is now a bigger park and also on the Pictures this one looks very nice.
I can only tell from last year (July 2017 ) that there was not much Equipment. Nice to see a cool new park.

Wie man oben in der Beschreibung und auf den Bildern sieht wurde der Park erneuert.
Ich war vorige Jahr (Juli 2017 ) dort und da waren nur sehr wenige Trainingsmöglichkeiten.
Cool das es jetzt mehr gibt!