Toronto - Outdoor Gym - Bellevue Square Park

Address Bellevue Square, Denison Square, Kensington Market, Old Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1M1, Canada
Pull Up Bars Parallel Bar Push Up Bars
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The Bellevue Square Park bars have returned, in new and improved form. This revitalized park within Kensington Market features a compact adult calisthenics station with multi-level pullup bars, as well as a sloping high parallel bars. Opened August 2017.

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Don Valley Calisthenics (DVC) says 1 year before

Update: 2018 July 06. It's OPEN! Will post pics soon!

Anton Fa says 2 years before

More like spring 2018. The bars are completely finished but they have fenced off the area for construction of the surrounding park. Soon though! I'll submit an updated photo once it's open

Don Valley Calisthenics (DVC) says 2 years before

Update: Construction completion date December 2017.