Address 229, North Sacramento Boulevard, East Garfield Park, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, 60612, USA
Pull Up Bars Parallel Bar
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Made by hand by the Go Infinite Tribe ( these bars are open to the public on non-park district land.

When the city won't build you bars, when the Park District ignores you for year after year....TAKE MATTERS INTO YOU OWN HANDS...Shout out to the @goinfinitetribe who did just that. Built your own damn bars by hand on non-park district land that's open to the public. Kudos and God bless....we need more of this....I found these by accident today....somebody told me they drove past some bars around here and so I went walking around thinking I'd find Park District bars, but I didn't know it was THESE bars. You can do in one weekend what takes the Park District 3 years to do.
At Sacramento & Lake...CHI-TOWN.

I love that there a loooota stones and cinderblocks...and a bench in shade!

4 Pull Up Bars (just tall enough for me to hang full and I'mm 5'8")
1 Set of Dip Bars (tall enough to hang with your legs straight, though they are a bit wider than normal! About 28 inches wide, standard width is 24 inches)

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