Berlin - Outdoor Fitness Gym - Invalidenpark


Address Scharnhorststraße 35, 10115 Berlin, Germany
Pull Up Bars Monkey Bars Wall Bars Push Up Bars
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Outdoor gym in Berlin city germany. Perfect for freerunning and parkour training because there are a lot of bars. Unfortunately there is no high bar (pull up bar for tall people height enough to train with deadhang). Not the perfect spot for street workout and calisthenics. There are better locations next to this spot. Also a great location for training with fitness apps like Freeletics and Madbarz. There is another street workout park not far away next to main station at Poststadium with really good exercise stations for calithenics routines.

The street workout scene in Berlin is very popular, so check the map for more locations all over the capital city of germany.

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Philippe Saiz says 1 year before

Absolutely not functionnal. It was made for kids playing arround, but no workout can be done out of it.