New York - Outdoor Exercise Park - Thomas Jefferson Park

Address 435 East 114th Street, Manhattan, New York City, New York 10029, United States
Pull Up Bars Parallel Bar Monkey Bars Wall Bars Push Up Bars
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Small calisthenics park at "Thomas Jefferson Park" in New York City (USA). This training ground includes pull up bars parallel bars, monkey bars, swedish wall and also low bars for push ups. Great spot for all kinds of bodyweight training activities like freeletics, street workout, calisthenics, street fitness, ghetto workout or strength trainin for parkour.

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Yoked Apparel says 1 year before

? Video of park:

Thomas Jefferson Park workout area has pull-up bars of different heights, monkey bars, parallel bars, flat and incline benches and agility stations.

So you can have a complete workout with pull-ups, chin ups, hammer grip pull ups, Australian pull-ups, push ups, incline push ups, dips, leg raises, crunches and much more.
The floor is padded with black rubber so is clean and dirt free (except the part between the 2 portions of the workout area).