Thomas 38 Local guide

Co-founder of Calisthenics Parks and street workout / calisthenics athlet since 2011 and former inline-skate and freestyle-slalom competitor.

Founded calisthenics parks in late 2014 to build a platform to support traveling ahtlets and outdoor fitness addicts to find spots whereever they are.

Our mission is to build the biggest high quality map for calisthenics and street workout worldwide.

Actual training locations:
- Gym Pur Gladiators, Bergerfeld 2b Nettetal
- PlayParc Krefeld-Hüls
- In future: New calisthenics park in Venlo

Searching for people interested in bodyweight fitness, calisthenics, climbing.

Just drop a message to join a training session.


Calisthenics and bodyweight fitness training every tuesday and thursday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m at Gym Pur Gladiators (Bergerfeld 2b, 41334 Nettetal).