Pull Up Bars

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Pull up bars are the most important part of the calisthenics equipment. This element is needed for exercices like pull ups, chin ups, muscle ups, leg raises and much more. It´s very important that the pull up bar is high enough to bring the body in deadhang position. Calisthenics parks includes usually more than just one pull up bars because they are that important.
Pull ups are one of the bodyweight exercise basics and very important for strength training at all.

Pull up bars in public area
The classic public pull up bar is the modules on common outdoor gym or outdoor fitness park in public parks. Actually there are many calisthenics and street workout park build so the number of bars will raise in future.

Pull up bars types
There are different forms and types of pull up bars (also known as chin up bar).

Horizontal bar
Classic form of the bar is the so called "horizontal bar" named like this in gymnastics. Between two columns there is a fixed straight bar. The biggest different between outdoor fitness / strength training and gymnastics is the constituion of the bar. While the gymnastics bar is very flexible to support the athlets moves by swinging the classic chin up bar is fixed and stiff.

Snake bars / Wave bars
Snake bars are a comparative new element at outdoor fitness stations and usually build on bigger parks. This horizontal bar in waveform design reminds of a snake (the reason for the name). The advantage of this kind of this pole is the versatility of many grip handles and also using this as a small horizontal ladder (monkey bar).

Mobile bars / home solutions for pull ups
The most popular kind of mobile pull up bars are "door bars". These small equipment is pinched between the doorframe. It´s very important that the door is stable enough for this setup. The biggest problem is the missing heigh between doorframe and ground, so only very small persons can do full range of motion chin ups.
Much better are wall-mounted bars for home training. This kind for equipment assembled with screws at every high on the wall and is very stable.

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