Wiesbaden - Outdoor Gym - Schleswigstraße

Address Schleswigstraße 7, 65191 Wiesbaden, Germany
Pull Up Bars Push Up Bars Dip Handles
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Outdoor gym with some exercise equipment next to the houses at Schleswigstraße in Wiesbaden. This stations includes dip handles, pull up bar and some outdoor gym machines. The horizontal bar isn´t that high,so for pull ups the fence is the better option. Also good for app based training programs like Freeletics, Ykings or Barstarzz.

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1 Comment

Thomas says 3 years before

Sehr guter Trainingsplatz da die gebogenen Zäune tatsächlich auch Muscle Ups ermöglichen. Dann gibt es noch eine Sprossenwand und auch Dip Holme.

Recht unkonventioneller, aber guter Spot.