Paris - Calisthenics Park - Pont de Grenelle


Address Pont De Grenelle Cadets De Saumur, 75015 Paris, France
Pull Up Bars Monkey Bars Wall Bars Push Up Bars
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Clement Laloux says 2 years before

beaucoup de gosses et de flaneurs quand même, perso je trouve pas ça agréable

Andrés Villaveces says 2 years before

Ce matin à Pont de Grenelle. Barres de tractions, tout très bien!

Nicoletta Straub says 2 years before

People come here to work out, there are some boxing classes outside as well

Would recommend! Its at the base of the Statue of Liberty but also under a bridge so I wouldn't recommend going there after dark. Although any time I've been there, there has always been tons of people there.

Vince Bel says 3 years before

also a text the app to me

Vince Bel says 3 years before

you should have a "add on Google maps thing"