West Monroe (Michigan) - Outdoor Exercise Station - Waterloo Park

Address Waterloo Park, Park Drive, West Monroe, Monroe County, Michigan, 48161, United States of America
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Calisthenics gym at Waterloo Park in Monroe, Michigan. Equipment is somewhat dated but in overall good shape. It was manufactured in nearby Hillsdale, Michigan by Recreation Creations, LLC. The equipment is near a parking lot. A dirt path intersects the equipment area. The exercise area has a wood mulch base which may be difficult for people using wheelchairs or crutches.

Equipment includes a sit-up board, a leg-up board, two sets of parallel bars of different heights, chin-up station with three bars of different heights, two horizontal ladders of different heights, and ring bar with three sets of rings at different heights. The tall horizontal ladder is approximately 7 feet high which is great for tall people.

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