Alimos - Calisthenics Park - Cine Alimos

Address Cine Άλιμος, 43, Ποσειδώνος, Κεφαλλήνων, Kalamaki, Municipality of Alimos, Regional Unit of South Athens, Region of Attica, Attica, 17455, Greece
Pull Up Bars Parallel Bar Monkey Bars
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Summary of editorial

Lots of pull up bars (including some high ones) and 2 sets of // bars.
Thick bars but grip isn't bad

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1 Comment

Vitaliy Amp says 2 years before

Very nice spot with view on the see. A bit problematic to get there from the center of Athens due to bad transport connexion.
A lot of kids playing on the spot what penalises the training. Gosh their parents! It's not the playing space for kids but muscle and stregth factory!!!