Parallel Bar

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Parallel Bars (also well known in the short form: p-bars) are a central element of a good street workout park. This element is very famous in gymnastics and used for many dynamic exercices. The most important exercices on this equipment in bodyweight fitness training is the basic exercice dips. Dips are very important for building triceps strength and push power at all.

P-Bars at calisthenics parks are also used for handstand training and advanced bodyweight exercices like russian dips, impossible dips or swinging.

How should a good parallel bar be?
Its imperative that a p-bar as well as pull up bars are not to low to the ground. If they are to low athletes have to break the perfect form ot the body and don´t can do their exercises proberly.
The bars there self should be not too small and with handy surface for the perfect grip.

Types of parallel bars

Single parallel bar
This kind of bar is build with four colums and two connecting bars between the two of the colums.

Double parallel bar
At newer calisthenics training areas there are mostly build double parallel bars. These kind for bars is build with three single bars that creates two spacing with bars on each side. This is very popular for freestyle calisthenics, because it´s increase the number of combination can do with moves and exercices.

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