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Calisthenics apps for effective bodyweight training

For some years, the app stores offer a variety of mobile applications for training with your own body weight. Many of these small utilities provide access to exercises, exercise plans, workouts, or simply finding exercise sites in the area.

Training plans

Digital training plans and coaches such as Freeletics, Runtastic or YKings have for some time been offering a convenient way to generate individual training plans. It is both the skill training or increase the stamina possible. Intelligent modern systems offer the option to continually adjust the intensity of training and the number of repetitions.

Fitness tracker and wearables

In addition to the applications, small gadgets are also becoming increasingly popular in the outdoor fitness sector. Smart watches or heart rate monitors are now standard on many runners. While high-tech devices used to be very expensive, this technology has reached a price range suitable for a broad user group.

Diet record for optimum weight loss success

It has long been clear that diet diaries provide a good basis for targeted weight loss. As many users today do not carry a notebook with them, the smartphone becomes a food diary with many convenience features.