Alex M.

Alex M. 45 Local guide

- 45 Years Young
- 8-pack 365

- Parkour, Calisthenics, Animal Flow, Méthode Naturelle
- Painless gains

Nutritional Therapy Consultant:
- Mediterranean Diet
- No supplements
- No pills
- No powders
- No fad-diets (vegan, carnivore, paleo/primal, whole30, h3rbal1fe, flexitarian or any other highly marketed scam)

Currently busy maintaining the obscene level of health and fitness I achieved by guessing everything right both in training and nutrition.

Don't ask me for help, I'm done with this. I already tried to help others to achieve the same as me, but they won't listen. And you wouldn't listen neither so don't waste my time: the answer is no.

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