San Diego - La Jolla Colony - Barstarzz Workout Park


Adresse 7628 Palmilla Drive, San Diego, Kalifornien 92122, Vereinigte Staaten
Klimmzugstangen Parallel Barren Push-Up-Bars Trainingsbänke
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Justin Wong sagt 8 Monate zuvor

Equipment: This place has parallel bars, pull-up bars, and probably other equipment. Problem is, it's all fairly spread out due to circuit training style.

Not a fan of the pull-up bar material, it's too thick and the bar spins.

Convenience: There's no street parking. I like to park at Leucadia Pizzeria and then cross the street. The park itself is beautiful so it's enjoyable walking over to the pull-up bars, which are located close to the center of the park.